How about us then. 

Tango was formed 4 years ago by Allan who had a fetish about the Tango fizzy drink and he liked the colour Orange. When Allan left a VTC called Scout Transport he went off on a mind adventure can he start his own VTC he then figured why not name  it Tango Transport using the iconic colour Tango orange so Allan created Tango Transport with the help from Elvis. At first we only had a few driver with Lee joining us shortly after we opened and boy was it slow. we had lots of running with Scot transport because the owner of that VTC got really jelliouce that we had surpassed them in driver numbers they tried to make us fail but we held in there but that company collapsed shortly after a few of there ex drivers come to us and a few else where and thoes drivers are still here today.

1 year later we had a re brand a new paint job and a new saying Tango Transport the Peoples VTC a name that is unique in its self as we would allow any to join regardless of there mental health or disabilities  and we had no age limit but we have had to up the age limit to 14 due to Discord Rules on minimum age limits. In that year we surpassed  35 registered members with in the VTC . 

in year 2 Tango was rapidly getting recognised by the Truckers MP community for our long drives and famous convoys that was planned out by Elvis which everyone enjoyed coming along. 

in the 3rd year Allan handed the ownership to Elvis due to Allan becoming ever increasingly busy with work a few changes was made and in that year we surpassed over 300 people in discord and around 45 drivers. 

in the 4th Elvis had built the company and we now have over 900 people in the discord server and 80 registered drivers, Sadly the ownership of the company was passed back to Allan due to Elvis hanging up his coat for pastures new and a new adventure. After a bumpy start from Allan taking over and being inactive for a long time due to work Allan regained control and restructured the company adding new managers along side existing managers and the company continues to strive today and will do strive painting the road orange well in to the future. 

Written By Allan Tango Transport Owner 

Honorable Mention 

Elvis thank you for your dedication and support in Tango Transport you worked hard and tirelessly to make the VTC where it is today if it was not for you and the Team behind the scenes as well as the drivers we would of not ranked have ranked the Fifth rank best VTC. you will be missed but always be apart of the Tango Family. 









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