The minimum age to join tango transport is 16 years old and over. you must be mature and sometime be able to take a laugh and a joke we are a friendly VTC so please dont take offence to some mild to moderate humour.


If you are applying to try and destroy the company's reputation, bully, harass or be racially abusive to any members on this VTC  there will be no warnings no kicks just a straight up perm ban WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR OF ANY KIND.


All applicants will undergo a road test to see if you are competent and know the road rules of truckers MP you will have 2 try's at passing this test fail we may consider retesting you at a later date when we feel you know the rules of truckers MP a bit better failing that we will terminate your application process.

After passing your test you will receive 2 or 3 emails from tango transport and have your nickname or real name posted on our drivers section of our website (first names only) and explaining what we expect of you each week. We understand that this is totally voluntary and appreciate you coming aboard if you cant make convoys company drives or any other activity please let us know on our discord channel which you will have a invite link included in your email.  

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