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Hello, I'm Jazzy Duster Welcome to Tango Transport 

Jazzy Duster

Ceo & Owner

Hi I am Elvis i am the Owner of Tango Transport the peoples VTC. if your interested in joining our virtual trucking company based on the Game Euro truck Simulator 2 please click the relevant links to sign up. thank you for visiting us today.happy trucking 



Hi There nice to see you have made it to our website. My name is Allan I'm the co-owner and co-Founder of Tango Transport we are a fun place to drive and age friendly anyone can join,  to  join please click the relevant links above which will take you to our contact page. Thanks for taking the time to come and see us we hope to see you real soon! :)  


Co Founder

Hi i'm Lee i am the General manager and Recruitment Manager of Tango Transport . If you would like to join our wonderful team and embark on long hauls this is the place for you please click the relevant links to get started.


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 like to see you name on this growing list of drivers. head to the apply page now and become a driver today :) 


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